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      Verona Fiere

      Core of economics, business centre, capital of innovative production.
      For over a century the Verona fair links ideas, value and people. It enhances economy, business and international exchanges. It promotes meetings, knowledge and growth.
      Verona Fair has evolved since its birth, closely observing market changes, and exploiting its fortunate geographical position, up to becoming the main organization for venues and exhibitions in Italy and also being recognized as one of the most important in Europe.

      The Chief Exhibitions:

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      Tocati, an international festival for street games started in 2002, has become part of the Association européenne des Jeux et Sports Tradionnels (AEJST) in 2007. AEJST is happy to enlist numerous competent organizations devoted to traditional cultural games. Tocati organizes challenges between countries inviting each year a new country: 2010 Switzerland , 2009 Greece, 2008 Scotland, 2007 Croatia, 2006 Spain. It is a challenge which is both stressing but exalting , a commitment deserving our greatest respect and admiration. Long live the Tocati festival and a thanks to all the volunteers and to all the public and private sector who associate with this event.

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      Verona in Love

      February, the month of lovers but, besides the romantic candlelight dinners and heart-shaped chocolates, Saint Valentine in Italy is celebrated in a special way and has become a tradition. “Verona in love, a heart to discover”, is the ideal event to celebrate in one of the most romantic cities in Italy: inheritance from Romeo and Juliet.

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      Le Piazze dei Sapori

      This event started eight years ago and brings to Verona typical products and gastronomical “delicatessen” from different parts of Italy. The most famous squares are decked with specially chosen stalls and sellers, who represent the flavour of all the Italian regions. Products with important trade marks such as Dop, Docgt, Doc are displayed, but also specialties, unknown to the general public, which stimulate forgotten tastes.

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      Straverona has been for years the sports marathon in the Verona territory. Three routes are possible: city, suburbs and the natural and scenic environment of the surrounding hills of the Lessini Mountains. The city of Verona readily welcomes one of the most sought after appointments in its sports panorama. The non -competitive Straverona marathon has increased yearly in participants and side initiatives, as to become a city festival . It involves different ages and various types of participants.

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      Mercatini di Santa Lucia

      Traditional stalls are set up in Piazza Bra each year, a few days before Santa Lucia, which sell sweets, gifts and toys. The night between the 12th and 13th December, Veronese children wait for Santa Lucia who comes riding a donkey and brings them games, sweets and … coal to the naughty children. Traditionally parents take their children to Piazza Bra to admire the Santa Lucia stalls and the lit up Comet Star which “falls” from the Arena onto the Piazza, created by the architect Olivieri.
      In the archways of the Arena each year there is an International Christmas Crib Exhibition, a collection of nativity scenes from all over the world.

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  • The piazze

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      Piazza Erbe

      The ancient Roman Forum, which was originally much wider, is the present Piazza delle Erbe. It is the busiest piazza in the city.
      During the day, the traditional stalls with their white umbrellas sell fruit, vegetables and souvenirs.
      In the evening bars and historical places bustle with people sipping the typical “Spritz” cocktail.

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      Piazza Brà

      Piazza Bra, the “Drawing room of Verona”, is the largest and most important piazza in the city even because it lies around the Arena. Piazza Brà was born by chance, after a long urban transformation and only after the paving of the “Liston” with large pink marble slabs from the Valpolicella. The Piazza has become the meeting place and promenading of the Veronese.

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      Piazza dei Signori or Piazza Dante

      A beautiful traditional meeting place for centuries is Piazza dei Signori. Buildings from different architectural periods surround the square forming a harmonious blend, creating an original “unicum”.
      Dante’s statue in the centre of the piazza, recalls the poet’s stay in Verona during his first exile, hosted by Cangrande della Scala.

  • Shopping

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      The main shopping streets for shop lovers are:
      Via Mazzini, for a glimpse in the shop windows of the latest fashions;
      Corso Portoni Borsari, to admire elegance and designer styles;
      Corso Sant’Anastasia, for historical and antique shops